Nocturnal Animals – About us

“Nocturnal Animals” is an all new, fresh and forward-thinking brand to hit the music scene. This new platform is a creation by Dutch artist RAM, who brings 25 years of experience alongside the assembled knowledge from his previous label work and improves it with a necessary professional touch. Missioned to create a 360 platform that is set to be both original and advanced in a fast evolving music industry. 

Our intentions and ambitions have become bigger, better and more diverse than ever before. Providing a 360 platform signifies an all-inclusive music service with record label, label club nights, publishing, radio show, artist profile & social media building, a vocalist services and last but not least upcoming talent management. We want to give our artists our full support so they can do what they do best – make top quality trance music for you!

“NA connects artists, music lovers, enthusiasts and professionals through deep inner devotion and passion for dance music. NA likes to trigger the instinctive desires and pure emotions rooted in everyone that participates in the often irresistible nightlife. So that anyone will embrace solace in acceptance of all that nightlife has to offer.    

By creating an open & accessible online platform that holds space for development, transparency and unity throughout every layer. This platform is the intended foundation where all stakeholders – from artists to supporters, are part of one community. This base will be loaded with personal involvement, contacts, share of activities and even revenues. The NA family dares to innovate, go beyond borders and does what instinctively feels good”  

We are united by passion and driven by instinct!!

RAM & Nocturnal Animals Team

The labels are:

Nocturnal Animals

The main imprint of the label is about pure uplfting, emotional & vocal trance!!

Nocturnal Animals Fusion

Is a fusion of the more harder & darker styles and tech trance

Nocturnal Animals Reworked

Is the label where old & new classics get reworked

Nocturnal Animals Deep

The new label where melodic progressive house will be the sound