Nocturnal Animals presents Richard Durand’s ‘Essence of Trance’ (6 hour OTC)

Saturday -
Paradiso Noord


Nocturnal Animals presents Richard Durands Essence of Trance

The second edition of Essence of Trance will take place on Saturday November 16th in Paradiso-Noord, Amsterdam. After the striking success of RAM's Essence of Trance, Nocturnal Animals has once again taken a purebred horse from the stable. An artist with more than 20 years of experience at the highest pace of the Trance scene and a discographic portfolio that stands out from anything else, NA proudly presents Richard Durands Essence of Trance!

The Amsterdam-based dj/producer knows the scene like the back of his hand. In 22 years he has lived this scene like no other. His musical aspirations led him into the wide world at an early age. A musician with the ability to translate his personal feelings into music, he declares this gift as the foundation of his success. An absolute master within the Trance scene due to his worldwide performances, his signing under the successful continuation of the "In Search of Sunrise" project, countless quality releases on major labels and most recently, theprestigious Tune of the Year award in Armin's "A State Of Trance". A summary of Durands milestones in a nutshell.

Richard and his essence of Trance - "Trance is deep inside"

,,Trance has always had an important role in my life and I am grateful for everything it has given me. The ups and downs have all had their function. It wasn't always fun and easy, but when your perseverance is rewarded and in 2019 "The Air I Breathe" gets the title "Tune of the Year", ultimately everything falls into place. All the energy that I have put into the music therefore returns to the source in one way or another. That is obvious to me, although it sometimes takes a while and your patience is often put to the test. In the end, you get out what you put into it. The patience to learn to play the piano is such an example. Only now do I see how much I benefit from the theoretical knowledge behind it. It helps me a lot in the studio. I am currently working on my music with great pleasure and endless creativity. The request from Nocturnal Animals to participate with My Essence of Trance comes at a very nice moment in my career and I hope you want to experience this special Open Till Close set with me. Of course I'm not only playing my own work. No matter how much I appreciate it, it would be a pity. In my whole career, so much beautiful Trance has been made and this unique show gives me the opportunity to replay a selection of the best Trance made.

Tickets & Info

Richard Durand's Essence of Trance will start at 12 midnight (due to an evening program which is often the case in Paradiso-Noord). It will end at 6AM. Looking back on the previous edition, the start at midnight did not have any negative influence on the party as there obviously was a great vibe within just a few minutes! The venue and its employees reached a high level in all aspects; friendly staff, a proper sound system and fantastic acoustics and a beautiful and clean party room!
Tickets cost € 25,- (incl. fee) and are available here. Paradiso-Noord is a great yet intimate location, so keep in mind that we only have around 500 tickets for sale. We would like to mention that Paradiso-Noord does not work with cash and therefore you can only pay by (debit) card. Visitors using public transport have to take the ferry from Amsterdam Central. From CS you are only five minutes away from our playground J If you prefer traveling by car, then a  secure parking is available under the Adam Tower.

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