Richard Tanselli – Androider


Rising talent Richard Tanselli brings us possibly his most uplifting track to date with ‘Androider’. Fans of his usual techy sound won’t be disappointed either though as there’s a dark and gritty undercurrent running throughout which all in all make for a monster of a tune!


Kriess Guyte – Zeitgeist


We welcome one of the best up and coming producers in the trance scene today to Nocturnal Animals Fusion in Mr Kriess Guyte and his brand new stomper ‘Zeitgeist’. Here Kriess fuses old skool rave vibes with dark-lifting, banging tech and psychedelic acid to quite devastating effect!


Bjorn Akesson – Phuture


Swedish superstar producer Bjorn Akesson has brought a taste of the Phuture to us here on Nocturnal Animals with a track who’s foundations are stepped in psy trance and have been married up expertly with a quite enormous main room square lead to bring you a fantastic, fresh flavour for your sets!


Hennes & Cold – First Step (D10 Tech remix)


We are delighted to have licensed this hard trance classic by German legends Hennes & Cold which was originally released way back in 1999 on seminal hard trance label Tracid Traxxx.
D10, a uk hard trance producer has provided a banging tech’d up remix. Pounding kick drums and bass, wild acid and hands in the air uplifting breakdown are just what the doctor ordered for this one!


Andrea Ribeca – Sagos


Andrea Ribeca joins us here on Nocturnal Animals with Sagos. Famous of course being one half of NU NRG back in the day, Andrea is now a leading producer in his right thanks to tracks like this. This one is acid driven pre breakdown before a unique sounding lead melody really uplifts proceedings and with a fantastic chord progression, this one has all the hallmarks of top tier trance!


RAM – Umami


Next up it’s the turn of Nocturnal Animals head honcho Ram with his hot new track ‘Umami’. Umami is a fifth taste that has only recently been recognised by Western Scientists after salt, sweet,sour and bitter. There is certainly nothing salty, sour or bitter about this uplifting monster but boy does it hit the sweet spot!


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Tempo Giusto & Jace Headland – Panacea


It’s a huge Nocturnal Animals welcome to Finland’s Tempo Giusto who brings us ‘Panacea’ in conjunction Jace Headland. Fresh sounding, forward thinking, innovative and exciting are just a few words that spring to mind when listening to this tech based collaboration. Don’t just take our word for it though and check this beauty out!


Astrofegs – Merekara


A massive welcome to Nocturnal Animals to Norway’s Kjell Kvendbø and Niall Skjæveland Maloney aka Astrofegs who bring us the massive ‘Merekara’. This track is uplifting with a capital U with it’s lead melody that is just bursting with emotion and an enormous hands in the air breakdown.


DJ Wag – The Big Bang (Indecent Noise Remix)

big bang

Here is the first release on Nocturnal Animals Reworked and it’s a big one with Indecent Noise’s remix of The Big Bang by DJ Wag.
DJ Wag is a German hard trance legend who’s career spans some 30 years with this track originally coming out on Overdose Records 19 years ago.
Modern day hard trance legend from Mental Asylum and Pack member Indecent Noise has updated the track in some style!


RAM separates from Grotesque and starts new brand!!

After having shared my passion and know how in the Grotesque team for almost a decade, the time has come for me to start something new. I have discovered, that with almost 25 years of experience in my pocket, I have developed my own specific vision that no longer appears to fit in with Grotesque’s. I have therefore decided to continue my own vision under the new brand “Nocturnal Animals”.

First of all, I’d like to thank Patrick Pijnenburg for the beautiful years and truly wish him all the best. Secondly, all Grotesque employees for the help and commitment before, during and after the events. Without you, Grotesque would not be where it is nowadays.

Nocturnal Animals – The ultimate 360 music platform
Now that it really is time to go my own way, I’d like to introduce with great enthusiasm my new baby Nocturnal Animals. I’ll bring the labels that are already known to you, so at Nocturnal Animals you’ll also find a “Main”, “Reworked” and “Fusion” imprint supplemented with the new Nocturnal Deep for Progressive House that is coming up later. 
Nocturnal Animals ministers as a 360 platform, including a complete package of labels, label nights, publishing, artist profile building and community. There is already a selection of artists present with established names and upcoming talent. The first Nocturnal club nights are already planned and will be announced soon.

To start off, we offer free CD’s in our webshop with very exclusive tracks that are planned for a Nocturnal Animals release in the very near future. You will receive this epic compilation free of charge when you purchase a Nocturnal Animals T-shirt.

A new chapter has begun and we are more than ready to finally share this experience with you 🙂 

RAM & Nocturnal Animals Team

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